The Hokkoku Road and Unnojuku Post Town

Eastern Nagano Area 北国街道海野宿


Unnojuku originated in 1625 as a 12-inn stop on the feudal Hokkoku Road which connected the Sea of Japan side with the Tokyo-to-Kyoto Nakasendo Road. Gold from the mines of Sado Island as well as pilgrims to Nagano City’s Zenkoji Temple passed by here. Strolling through Unnojuku gives you a sense of the rich history. Events are held every year to keep alive the traditions of the feudal area, including a procession of festive pillars in April and the Unnojuku Fureai Festival held on November 23rd which features rickshaws and people in period costumes.


Tomi City Office
Tel: 0268-62-1111 / Fax: 0268-63-6908


Unnojuku Town Festival: Nov 23


10:00 - 15:00

Location / Access

Moto-unno, Tomi City

By Train:
5 min taxi ride from Tanaka Station (Shinano Railway)
5 min taxi ride from Oya Station (Shinano Railway)
By Car:
5 km / 10 min from Tobu-Yunomaru IC

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