Ueda Tsumugi Fabric

Eastern Nagano Area 上田紬


Ueda Tsumugi is a traditional woven silk fabric that was popular throughout Japan in the Edo era. Ueda was historically a center of silk production which contributed to its fabric weaving. Craftsmen today continue to spin Tsumugi and weave it into kimonos, shirts, neckties and other clothing articles. Ueda Tsumugi and other local traditional crafts are available at the Ueda Tourism Hall, and it is possible to see Tsumugi being woven today at several area studios.


Ueda City Tourism Hall
Tel: 0268-25-4403

Location / Access

2-8-4, Ote, Ueda City

By Train:
12 min walk from Ueda Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen)
By Car:
4 km / 15 min from Ueda Sugadaira IC

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