Shirahone Onsen

Matsumoto Northern Alps Area 白骨温泉


Shirahone is a small remote onsen village clustered in the valley of the Yugawa River. Long revered for its healing waters, Shirahone Onsen has a history of over 400 years. The name literally means “white bone”, referring to the milky color of the water due to the high calcium and magnesium content. Drinking the water can cure gastrointestinal problems. Shirahone's distinctive onsen water can be enjoyed in several outdoor baths, surrounded by the area’s beautiful natural setting and the backdrop of majestic Norikura Mountain.


Shirahone Onsen Tourist Information
Tel: 0263-93-3251 / Fax: 0263-93-3001

Location / Access

Shirahone, Matsumoto City

By Train:
55 min by Alpico Shirahone bus from Shinshimashima Station (Matsumoto Dentetsu Kamikochi Line)
By Car:
40 km / 60 min from Matsumoto IC

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