Wear a Kimono or Ninja Costume (Matsumoto)

Matsumoto Northern Alps Area 着物・忍者服体験


Hanakomichi is the place where you can rent a kimono (traditional Japanese clothes) or ninja costume.

It is located on the way to Matsumoto Castle.
A professional dresses you in your favorite kimono or ninja wear in about only 15 mins.
Then you can walk to the castle just for 5 min and take your perfect photos with the castle in the background.

Reservation is not required if you are an individual or from a group of several people.
Feel free to look around kimono in the shop and experience the costume!

Note: upper stairs inside the castle tower are steep, making it difficult to climb to the top of the tower if you wear kimono!


Kimono & Ninja Costume Wearing & Rental Shop Hanakomichi
Tel: 080-3917-8753
E-mail: info@matsumoto-marunouchi.com


10:00-17:00 (Closed on Mondays & Tuesdays)


2 hours rent : 4,000 yen

3 hours rent : 5,000 yen

(Major credit cards are acceptable)

Location / Access

3-2-15, Ote, Matsumoto City

By Train:
5 min by Town Sneaker bus or 10 min on foot from Matsumoto Station (JR Chuo Line)

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