Takigi Noh at Matsumoto Castle

Matsumoto Northern Alps Area 松本城 薪能


One of the traditional dramatic arts of Japan, ‘Noh’ theater is famous for its masks and its lavish costumes. Usually a Noh performance is given in a specialized theatre, on a Noh stage specifically designed for the performance. However, every August in Matsumoto a special outdoor performance is given right in the inner garden of Matsumoto castle.
Starting in the early evening with the sun setting over the Japanese Alps in the distance, and continuing by lanternlight after dusk. Noh plays are hundreds of years old and sung in their own peculiar way.


Matsumoto Castle Administration
Tel: 0263-32-2902 / Fax: 0263-32-2904
E-mail: m-castle@city.matsumoto.nagano.jp


August 8th

Location / Access

Matsumoto Castle Garden, Matsumoto City

By Train:
5 min by bus from Matsumoto Station (JR Chuo Line)
15 min walk from Matsumoto Station (JR Chuo Line)
By Car:
3 km / 10 min from Matsumoto IC

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