Matsumoto ‘Temari’ Handball Craft (Souvenir Shop Takagi)

Matsumoto Northern Alps Area 松本手まり作り(土産処たかぎ)


In picturesque castle-town Matsumoto, over 200 years ago, a wife of the ruling Matsumoto Clan nobility created the first ‘temari’ handball. At first, the temari balls, which were made out of bits of silk yarn, were popular as simple toys for little girls to play with. Later, they became symbols of harmony and accord between families, hence something brides presented to the groom’s side. Today, ‘temari’ handballs are loved as good luck charms. Learn how to make one yourself at Takagi’s ‘temari’ workshops.
For further information, please also see the Matsumoto Temari Handballs page in the Souvenirs section.


Shinshu Miyage (Nagano Souvenirs) Shop Takagi (Reservations minimum 1 week prior required.)
Tel: 0263-32-5337 / Fax: 0263-32-5533


Available thoughout the year


9:00-18:30 (Allow 3 hours for the craft lesson)


One participant (minimum 4 people) : 2,500 yen

Location / Access

3-5-12, Ote, Matsumoto City

By Train:
10 min by Town Sneaker bus from Matsumoto Station (JR Chuo Line)
By Car:
4 km / 15 min from Matsumoto IC

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