Sakaki Festival

Eastern Nagano Area 信州の奇祭 榊祭り


With burning pine torches in their hands, local youth run down from the mountain to the Kakuma riverbed, and together throw their torches into the river in an exciting spectacle. This festival is held on August 15th every year in Mochizuki-juku, a former post town of the Nakasendo. Through the cleansing fire, locals pray for their health and a bountiful harvest. It is said that a long time ago, the warring states general Takeda Shingen mistook the festival’s torchs for an ambush and immediately retreated with his troops. 


Plaza Saku Visitor Center (English speaking staff available)
Tel: 0267-68-7433

Saku City Tourism Association
Tel: 0267-62-3285


August 15th

Location / Access

Nakasendo Mochizuki-juku area, Saku City

By Train:
25 min by Nakasendo line bus or Taxi from Sakudaira Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen)
By Car:
20 min from Saku South IC

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