Eastern Nagano Area 貞祥寺


Teisho-ji is the Saku area’s greatest ancient temple, fitted with all seven traditional structures found in large-scale buddhist monasteries. After the war, this temple was known far and wide for its influence in the spread of Zazen meditation throughout Europe. Even now, Zazen sessions are held here and people of all religions who love Zazen come to participate. The grounds of the temple quietly transition with the seasons, from verdant and mossy in summer to brilliant shades of red, yellow and gold in autumn. Nearby is another popular spot for photographers, the former residence of literary great Shimazaki Toson, author of Before the Dawn.


Plaza Saku Visitor Center (English speaking staff available)
Tel: 0267-68-7433

Saku City Tourism Association
Tel: 0267-62-3285

Location / Access

1580-3, Maeyama, Saku City

By Train:
10 min by Taxi from Namezu Station (JR Koumi Line)
By Car:
4 km / 10 min from Saku South IC

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