Pingkoro Jizo

Eastern Nagano Area ぴんころ地蔵


Nagano Prefecture has been ranked first as the longest living people among all prefectures in Japan. Saku City in Nagano is especially famous as a healthy and long-living city because of their efforts to advance community health care. In this healthy city of Saku, a Pingkoro Jizo statue has been attracting people’s attention and interest. Many pilgrims visit Saku City from all over Japan to offer prayers to the Pingkoro Jizo statue, a Buddhist image erected for healthy and long lives of the people. Near Pingkoro Jizo, several restaurants line up the streets serving local carp dishes. Please enjoy these traditional carp cuisine after praying to Pingkoro Jizo to fully enjoy the city of Saku.


Plaza Saku Visitor Center (English speaking staff available)
Tel: 0267-68-7433

Location / Access

467 Hara, Saku City

By Train:
5 min taxi ride from Nakagomi Station (JR Koumi Line)
By Car:
10 min from Saku South IC

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