Northern Nagano Area あんず


Chikuma City is Japan’s number-one producer of apricots. The two valleys on its eastern side are known as “Anzu no Sato”, or Apricot Village. The fruit matures in June, when U-Pick can be done and fresh apricots can be enjoyed. In early April, the valleys become covered in the soft white petals of the apricot blossoms, attracting visitors from all over the country. Apricot jam, dried apricots, and even handicrafts made from apricot pits are sold year round in area souvenir shops.


Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association
E-mail: go-nagano@pref.nagano.lg.jp

Location / Access

Chikuma City

By Train:
15 min bus ride from Yashiro Station (Shinano Railway)
During the apricot blossom season, there is a special shuttle bus from Yashiro Station with more frequent service.
By Car:
10 min from Koshoku IC

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