Yokoya Gorge

Suwa Area 横谷渓谷


Starting from the headwaters of the Shibu River at Meiji Onsen and extending to Yokoya Onsen, the Yokoya-kyo Gorge is famous for having some of the best fall foliage colors in the prefecture. The beauty and brilliance of the fall leaves seems to jump out at you from the deep, magnificent gorge. Otome (Maiden) and Ou (Monarch) Falls are a couple of the many waterfalls that can be seen from the walking trail that continues on to Oshidori Kakushi (Hidden Lovebirds) Falls. From all along the trail you can see the gorge's vivid colors. Fall colors peak from mid to late October. There are inns with hot spring baths in nearby Oku-Tateshina Onsen. In winter, the waterfalls become natural ice forms.


Tateshina Chyuoukougen Kankoukyoukai
Tel: 0266-67-4860 / Fax: 0265-67-4611

Location / Access

Kitayama, Chino City

By Train:
30 min taxi ride from Chino Station (JR Chuo Line)
By Car:
15 km / 30 min from Suwa IC

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