Uchiyama Style Japanese Paper Making (Iiyama City Hand-made Paper Workshop)

Northern Nagano Area 飯山市手すき和紙体験工房


‘Washi’ (Japanese traditional paper) is made from wood fiber, making it stronger than today’s more common paper made of wood pulp. And the Uchiyama style of ‘washi’ made in northern Nagano’s Iiyama City is especially durable, hence its common use in shoji screen room dividers. For over 350 years, craftsmen have been taking advantage of Iiyama’s cold winters and clear running water to make Uchiyama-style ‘washi’. You, too, can try your hand at making ‘washi’ and create a postcard, colored paper, bookmark or haiku paper.
For further information, please also see the Uchiyama Paper page in the Souvenirs section.


Iiyama City Hand-made Paper Workshop (No reservation required)
Tel: 0269-67-2794 / Fax: 0269-67-2794
E-mail: uchiyamagami@city.iiyama.nagano.jp


Open every day except Mondays and Holidays from April through December; Open Saturdays only from January to March.


Open from 9am to 5pm; Paper making takes from 30 to 60 minutes.


Poscard (1 sheet) : 200 yen

Bookmark (12 pieces) : 600 yen

Colored Paper (1 sheet) : 500 yen

Haiku Paper (3 sheets) : 600 yen

Location / Access

1439-1, Iiyama Kamikura, Iiyama City

By Train:
10 min walk from Iiyama Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen)
By Car:
8 km / 10 min from Toyota-Iiyama IC

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