Beech Tree Forest Therapy in Nabekura Highlands, Iiyama

Northern Nagano Area ブナ林なべくら高原(森林セラピー)


The beech tree forest that covers Mt. Nabekura in Iiyama was selected as number one on Nagano Prefecture’s Top 100 Natural Sites list. In April, 2006, Iiyama City received “Forest Therapy” certification for the forest, the first ever in all of Japan. Iiyama City prides itself on the “green healing” power of its forests, and offers numerous programs for visitors to partake in.


Nabekura Kogen Mori-no-ie
Tel: 0269-69-2888 / Fax: 0269-69-2288


Apr - Nov


Please ask.

Location / Access

Nabekura Kogen, Iiyama City

By Train:
15 min taxi ride from Togari Nozawa Onsen Station (JR Iiyama Line)
By Car:
25 km / 45 min from Toyota-Iiyama IC

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