Canoeing, Kayaking, and SUP on Omachi's Lakes

Matsumoto Northern Alps Area 大町の湖でカヌー / カヤック / SUP


Canoe, kayak, and more on Omachi’s beautiful three lakes including Lake Aoki, which boasts some of the clearest water in Japan. You won’t be able to experience these water activities like this anywhere else. SUP (stand up paddle boarding) has become incredibly popular worldwide, and you can enjoy a great deal of variation on these tours. Not only can you do tours during the day, but you can also experience a more mysterious lake during the early morning tour or fireflies and stargazing on the night tour.


Mauka Outdoor (Stand Up Paddle Boarding)
Reservation: Web
Tel: 080-8410-6800

Evergreen Outdoor Center (Canoeing)
Reservation: E-mail or Web
Tel: 0261-72-5150


Mauka (SUP): May - Oct| Evergreen (Canoeing): July - late Sept


Evergreen :11:30 ~ 14:00


Mauka - Lake Aoki SUP (Half-day Tour) : 6,000 yen

Evergreen - Voyageur Canoe Picnic (Adult) : 6,250 yen

Location / Access

Omachi City

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