Omachi Nyakuichi-Oji Festival

Matsumoto Northern Alps Area 信濃大町若一王子祭り


Omachi City’s Nyakuichi-Oji Shrine not only has a history of over 700 years, but its main building and pagoda are designated national important cultural properties. The shrine’s annual festival features a “yabusame” horseback archery competition. One of the top 3 such competitions in the country, Nyakuichi-Oji’s is the only one by young boys. The boys dressed in period costumes also perform a procession through the town as part of this colorful festival.


Shrine Office
Tel: 0261-22-1626


4th Sunday of July and the day prior Saturday

Location / Access

Nyakuichi-Oji Shrine and the main street, Omachi City

By Train:
20 min walk from Shinano-Omachi Station (JR Oito Line)
10 min walk from Kita-Omachi Station (JR Oito Line)
By Car:
38 km / 56 min from Nagano IC

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