Hot Air Balloon Ride in Azumino

Matsumoto Northern Alps Area 安曇野で熱気球


Float 30 meters into the air in a hot air balloon that looks like Nagano’s cute mascot, the Arukuma bear! The scenery changes every season so you can enjoy amazing views like the snow-covered peaks of the Japan Alps in the winter, and the beautiful fall colors on a crisp morning in the fall. The hot air balloon is anchored in place so even small children can participate in the ride.


Azumino Kisen (Tethered Hot Air Balloon Ride)
Reservation: Not required
Tel: 0263-87-9828


May 3 - 7, Jun 16 - 17, Jun 22 - Aug 28, Sep 17 - 18, Sundays & holidays in Oct


12 and up : 2,800 yen

6-11 years old : 2,000 yen

2-5 years old : 500 yen

Location / Access

Alps Azumino National Government Park, Omachi-Matsukawa Area 7791-4, Tokiwa, Omachi City

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