Maguse Onsen

Northern Nagano Area 馬曲温泉


Mainly a day-use onsen, Maguse is renowned for its outdoor bath overlooking Nagano City with the Japanese Alps in the distance. Its location on a hilltop in between the mountains of northern Nagano provides such an expansive view that people come from far and wide to soak in the bath while taking in the view. The indoor bath is made of hinoki (Japanese cypress) which lends a simple, natural contrast to the outdoor one which is made of cut stone.


Kijimadaira Tourism Association
Tel: 0269-82-2800 / Fax: 0269-82-2939

Location / Access

5567-1, Jukyo, Kijimadaira Village

By Train:
30 min taxi ride from Iiyama Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen)
By Car:
15 min from Toyota-Iiyama IC

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