Zenkoji Temple

Northern Nagano Area 善光寺


Zenkoji temple has been revered for over 1400 years as Japan’s primary center of Buddhist faith. Zenkoji houses the first Buddhist statue to come to Japan, attracting pilgrims from all denominations. 6 million visitors come every year to be awed by this masterpiece of Buddhist architecture. It is the largest temple in all of eastern Japan and testament to the faith of its followers. In 1998, the bells of Zenkoji rang in the start of the Winter Olympics in a wish for world peace.


Zenkoji Office
Tel: 026-234-3591 / Fax: 026-235-2151

Location / Access

491, Motozen-machi, Nagano City

By Train:
10 min bus ride from Nagano Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen)
By Car:
10 km / 20 min from Nagano IC
10 km / 20 min from Suzaka Nagano East IC

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