Togakushi Okusha Shrine and Forest Reserve

Northern Nagano Area 戸隠奥社・森林植物園


Togakushi is considered to be a spiritual mountain with its 5 shrines being related to Japan’s creation myth. Along the way to the "Back Shrine”, Okusha, the path is lined by ancient cedar trees that exude an almost spiritual feeling of the majesty and power of nature. The path borders the Togakushi Forest Reserve, a mecca for bird watching, with over 120 species of wild birds. Wildflowers express the changing of the seasons in an almost continual parade of flowers, featuring the creamy white blossoms of the mizubasho skunk cabbage in spring and early summer.


Togakushi Botanical Garden Forest Study Hall
Tel: 026-254-2200 / Fax: 026-254-2200


Late Apr - Nov 30; Closed on Mondays (but open on National Holiday-Mondays, closed next day instead)


9:30 - 17:00



Location / Access

Togakushi Chu-sha, Nagano City

By Train:
70 min Togakushi line bus from Nagano Station (Hokuriku Shinkansen)
By Car:
30 km / 60 min from Nagano IC
18 km / 30 min from Shinanomachi IC

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