Suwa Lake Fireworks Festival

Suwa Area 諏訪湖祭湖上花火大会


Suwa’s fireworks display, held in mid-August every year, is hailed as one of the largest displays in all of Japan. Over 40,000 devices are exploded over the lake, with the sound reverberating off the surrounding mountains. The grand finale is a 2-kilometer long “niagara” of cascading sparkles. In early September, a second fireworks display is held featuring new experimental types. Suwa’s fireworks display was started shortly after World War II in the hopes of lightening people's spirits in the aftermath of the war.


Tel: 0266-52-4141 / Fax: 0266-58-1844


Aug 15


19:00 - 21:00


Please check at the website.

Location / Access

Suwa Lake, Suwa City

By Train:
8 min walk to Suwa Lake from Kamisuwa Station (JR Chuo Line)
By Car:
4 km / 15 min from Suwa IC to Suwa Lake

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