Lettuce Harvesting Starts

June 26th, 2010 by
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lettuces all over the village

lettuces all over the village

Although the farming this year has been slower than usual due to the cool weather and the ‘once -in-six-years’festival, the harvest season finally has come.

test-picked some of the lettuces to make sure they weigh enough

test-picked some of the lettuces to make sure they weigh enough

Tomorrow we are going to crop the first of our lettuces this year.


Lettuces in Nagano’s highland areas have enjoyed a dominant proportion of those sold during the Summer.

In fact, Kawakami village combined with the neighboring Nobeyama region boasts 80% of national production of lettuces during July and August.

Taking advantage of the cool weather in summer( we are in the area more than 1,000m above sea level), we used to enjoy relatively high prices of our production.

However, as usual,such days are gone and we are now always anxious about whether or not the price falls below the costs. The days have begun when we open the market price page first thing when reading the news paper.

Nonetheless, it always energizes us to be able to crop our production.

Well, we HAVE to have  energy to crop,you see.

I would like to add a post on our labor days with my two funny Chinese trainees later.

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  1. Mariko-san,
    Great article and pictures on Nagano lettuce! Nagano is famous for soba, but I think its highland produce should get more PR, too. A farm in Sugadaira above Ueda City delivers cartons of lettuce every week to our inn. Our chef makes a special hot pot (“onabe”) featuring this fresh, crispy lettuce. Yummy! Keep up the great work!

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