Kawanakajima’s Juicy Peaches are In Season

August 9th, 2009 by
Category: Cuisine, Seasonal Topics

Our Uncle Kitajima recently brought us a bunch of juicy peaches from his orchard. We gave some to our weekend guests, and I also diced them and put them on top of the ice cream I served to the children guests. The fresh peaches were a hit!

This summer has had an unusually high amount of rain.  According to Kitajima-san, all of the rain this year means the peaches are extra juicy, which I love! However, the sugar content is diluted so the peaches aren’t as sweet as they normally are. They tasted delicious to me, though.
Kitajima-san also explained how the peach season works with the different varieties.
‘Akatsuki’ and ‘Kawanakajima Hakuhou’ run from the 1st of August to the 10th. Then ‘Natsuko’ and ‘Kawanakajima Hakutou’ kick in until O-Bon (mid-August). After that, it’s ‘Shirane Hakutou’ through late September.
You’ll see fresh Kawanakajima peaches at area fruit stands throughout northern Nagano — pick up some for a delicious, juicy souvenir!

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