Anti Aging Experience in Karuizawa with SPAKARU

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Anti Aging Possibility Check is held in this spacious salon. From the windows you can enjoy a beautiful view of green leaves.
“How can I do self-care?” It’s natural for anyone to imitate others in the beginning. You don’t have to learn completely. Self-care Beauty Lesson gives you an opportunity to start taking care of your skin by yourself.

Why don’t you get “Anti Aging Possibility Check” in Karuizawa?  You will see how much you can grow younger with natural herbs at a beauty salon “Hanakaoru Karuizawa”. 

 For example:

— Lymph care can lift your bust without touching your bust. 

— Leg massage can lift your hips without touching your hips.

— Head skin treatment can lift your face, which makes you look 5 to 10 years younger.

The above is realized with SPAKARU, natural cosmetics using herbs grown in Nagano.  Once you get the know-how for anti aging, you’ll be able to try it anytime by yourself at home.  If you come to Karuizawa, I recommend you to experience “Anti Aging Possibility Check” that gives you great effect with low price!


Lineup of “SPAKARU” cosmetics using rich herbs and ocean minerals. The aromas are gentle and natural, and yet they have good effect on users.
Left: Before “Anti Aging Possibility Check”, Right: After the check. Only 3-minute self-care has this great effect! 

Please enjoy herb tea with freshly-picked herbs.


The herb farm for research of SPAKARU, spreading at 1,100 meters above sea level in the foothills of Mt. Asama in Karuizawa.


At the herb farm about 300 kinds of herbs are grown for research. Thanks to clean air and plentiful morning dew, natural herbs with rich aroma are produced.

Name of the facility Salon’s name: Hanakaoru Karuizawa (U. Story Co., Ltd.)
Description of business
  • SPAKARU treatment for solving problems on beauty, such as “Anti Aging Possibility Check” and “Head Spa for Solving Hair Problems like Hair Growth”
  • Self-care Beauty Lesson (lesson for beauty care you can do by yourself at home)
  • Sales of SPAKARU cosmetics 
Tel 0267-44-1787 (Japan country code: 81)
Fax 0267-44-1797 (Japan country code: 81)
Address 355-14, Oiwake, Karuizawa-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano-ken, 389-0115, Japan
How to contact Tel, fax or email.
Access 20 minutes by taxi from Karuizawa Station of JR Nagano Shinkansen or Shinano Tetsudo (Shinano Railway) or 5 minutes by taxi from Shinanooiwake Station of Shinano Tetsudo. Please call us when you arrive at the station.
Operating hours Open from 10:00 – 17:00 on weekdays. Open every other Saturday (Please contact).
Rates and other prices [Main Products]

  • Herb Essence (50ml x 2): JPY8,400
  • Herb Cream Luxury (10g): JPY10.500
  • Herb Water Spray (100ml): JPY3,675
  • Shampoo Luxury (200ml): JPY 3,675

[SPAKARU Treatment] (Reservation Essential)

  • Anti Aging Possibility Check (20 minutes): JPY2,500
  • Head Spa (30 minutes): JPY5,800
  • Body (30 minutes) Basic: JPY6,800, Special: JPY15,000
General information of Karuizawa Contact Karuizawa Tourist Information Offices: TEL: 0267-42-5538 (Karuizawa Kanko Kaikan) / 0267-42-2491 (Karuizawa Station) / 0267-45-6050 (Naka Karuizawa Station). (Click “English” button.)