Yamanouchi day trip or overnight?

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Steven Male Other countries in Asia 2017/11/29

Hi, Blair!

I’m planning to explore Yamanouchi; specifically Shibu Onsen, Monkey resort, and Shiga Kogen. Is it doable for a daytrip from Nagano city? Or should I book an accommodation in Yamanouchi instead? 

Hope to hear from you, Blair.


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/11/29

Hi Steven,

It may be possible, but let’s consider the transportation between Nagano City and your places of interest. From Nagano to the Snow Monkey Park would be 45 minutes, from the bus stop to the park itself would be another 30 minutes, and from the Snow Monkey park bus stop to Shigakogen would be another 50-60 minutes. Multiply those by two and your travel time will be about 4 hours in one day. That makes for a tight schedule and leaves little time to enjoy Shigakogen or the Snow Monkey park.

Also, if you choose to stay in a hotel in Shibu Onsen, you can make use of the nine sotoyu hot spring baths around town, as well as your hotel’s hot spring. If you are interested in hot springs, a night in Shibu Onsen is highly recommended.

I hope that helps answer your question.


Guest 2017/11/29

Thank you for prompt reply, Blair.


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