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Sophie Ferch Female Japan 2017/01/31

Hello, i am Sophie from germany. I know its not the right forum here but i thought i may give it a try anyway. i live in matsumoto since 2 months and find it really hard to find a job for me. Unfortunetley i cant speak japanese. Do you have an idea where i could find something.   thank you in advance  Sophie Ferch

Guest 2017/02/10

Dear Sophie,

I ave no ideas of your Visa Status, however, as we are running Guest House in Komoro, we will accept some Overseas WWoofer we can provide Free Food with Accommodation if you can help some working such as withdrawing dishes, cleaning, etc, and some Farming works, etc, Not for whole day, particularly during March- May, very busy and need some help, so while you are staying as Wwoofer and look for the job, which is one of the best option. You may refer our web ste for further detailed Information . or send e-mail. We may give some advice.

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/02/13

Hi Sophie,

Unfortunately we do not have any resources here for those seeking work. I’ll have to recommend that you look at some other websites for that kind of information. GaijinPot has a lot of information about living in Japan in English as well as job listings for foreigners, that should be your best bet.

For more information about living in Nagano as a foreign resident, see the Nagano Prefecture English website. If you would like to consult further you can contact the International Division of the Nagano prefectural office at 026-235-7165.

I hope that helps.


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