Visit Kamikochi and Mt. Norikura in May

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Mei Female Malaysia 2018/01/23

Would like to ask:-

1) Is the route to Kamikochi & Mt. Notikura open in May?

2) Which bus company serve this route? How much the transport cost?

3) Can i see the snow wall on the way to Mt Norikura? ( main purpose is to see snow wall and not skiing)

My base is in Matsumoto.



Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/01/23

Hi there,

I believe your question has already been answered here (see the comments section). I have included a copy of the answer below:

Buses to Mt. Norikura and Kamikochi are run by the Alpico Group. Buses leave from Shinshimashima Station, which can be reached from Matsumoto Station via the Kamikochi line train. You can see a timetable for the Mt. Norikura line here (K-01 is Shinshimashima, N-40 is the snow wall stop; it operates from the end of April to the end of June), and for the Kamikochi line here (which operates from mid April to mid November).

You can see discount bus passes on this page. The 2-Day or 4-Day Free Passport for Norikura, Kamikochi and Matsumoto may be useful for your trip.

The Norikura line is 2,450 yen one way from Shinshimashima Station. The Kamikochi line is 3,400 yen round trip.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.

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