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Paul Ince Male Australia 2018/09/25

Gday from Australia,

I’ll be checking out from Prince Hotel West Shiga Kogen on the 4th March 2019. My group of four is interested in seeing the snow monkeys on our way back to Tokyo. Some of our group has to be back at Narita airport at 6pm and we are going to travel by shinkansen after seeing the monkeys. 

I am currently thinking we will have to get a bus to Nagano first and from there travel to see the monkeys. Can you suggest any quicker or simpler methods than Bus both ways. I am guessing that a taxi from Nagano to Jigokudani would be about $200AUD each way?

Do i have to go right in to Nagano or is there a ‘shortcut’ along the way. Any advice you can provide about this side-trip is appreciated

Thanks for your help

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/09/26

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your question.

From the Prince Hotel, you can take the Shiga Kogen line bus down the mountain to the Snow Monkey Park.

You may want to send your luggage to Narita Airport the day before you head to Tokyo so that you don’t have to carry it with you. You can arrange your shipment through the Prince Hotel and have it ready to pick up at the airport when you arrive. Or, you could take the Shiga Kogen line bus all the way to Yudanaka Station, store your luggage in a coin locker there, and then take the Kanbayashi line bus back up to the Snow Monkey Park (get off at Kanbayashi Onsen).

Once you’ve finished seeing the snow monkeys, you can take the Shiga Kogen bus all the way to Nagano or take the Nagano Dentetsu train from Yudanaka to Nagano Station.

I hope that helps answer your question!


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