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Michelle Female Singapore 2018/05/07

We visit Nozawa Onsen from 15/12-20/12.

20/12-23/12 nagano

21/12 Matsumoto 22/12 Shirakawa-go & Gokayama

23/12-25/12 tokyo

When is the hotel booking for Jon Nobi at Nozawa Onsen? I tried to book for this december , all are fully booked from 15/12 onwards. Is it yet to open for booking?

We stay at Hotel Metropolitan Nagano and would like to visit Matsumoto, Gokayama and Shirakawa-go. Can give me some suggestion on how to travel there, train or car? What is the best route to visit these 3 places.


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/05/07

December bookings for Jon Nobi can be made from October. Travel agencies usually can make bookings earlier, so for the best chance at getting a booking I recommend sending an email to the hotel directly.

To travel to Matsumoto from Nagano City, take the Wide View Shinano train (about 50 min.). From Matsumoto towards Shirakawago and Gokayama, first take the Takayama-Matsumoto line bus to Takayama. From Takayama to Shirakawago, take the Shirakawago bus. From Shirakawago to Gokayama, the World Heritage bus. Unfortunately the timetable is only in Japanese, so look for the following characters: 白川郷 for Shirakawago, 相倉口 Aikuraguchi for Gokayama’s Ainokura village, and 菅沼 for Gokayama’s Suganuma area.

Let me know if I can help with anything else.


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