Travel through Nagano and Japan during Cherry Blossom time

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Maz Female Australia 2018/10/01

I am planning a trip to Japan and I have seen the Tokyo Wide Rail Pass allows me to travel to Nikko and Mt Fuji so that might be the best option to start.

Then from Mt Fuji Kawaguchiko, Id like to travel to Matsumoto.  As I will be travelling in late March, I gather the Alpine pass will not be open ?, so how would I get to Takayama.  After Takayama, Id head southwards to Hiroshima, Kyoto for a few days, then back to Tokyo.  I have 18 days to travel.

Any suggestions for the trains I should take to get around.  I think a JR Pass will not be used in Kyoto so a JR pass covering won\\\’t be economical.  

Id love to hear your feedback on my travel plans, trains to use, and where any JR Passes would be beneficial.




Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/10/02

Hi Maz,

I’ll do my best to help answer your question, but I can only give you advice on the Nagano portion of your trip.

From Kawaguchiko to Matsumoto, you would want to take the Fujikyu Railway back to Otsuki Station, then take the JR Chuo Line bound for Nagano. Depending on the time of day, you may change at Kofu Station to the Limited Express Azusa for a faster trip, or stay on the local line. (Train time is about 100 minutes from Kawaguchiko to Kofu, then 70 minutes by express train or 130 minutes by local train to Matsumoto.)

The Tokyo Wide Pass will cover your travel up to Kobuchizawa Station, but you would have to pay the portion from Kobuchizawa to Matsumoto separately. (1,140 yen for local or 2,320 yen for express)

The Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is not open during March. To travel to Takayama, instead take the Takayama-Matsumoto line bus. If you are interested in visiting places such as the Shin-hotaka Ropeway, Hirayu Onsen, Mt. Norikura, and Shirahone Onsen during your time in Matsumoto/Takayama, you may want to use the 4-Day Alps Wide Free Passport.

I hope that helps answer your questions about transportation around Nagano Prefecture. If you have any other questions about sightseeing here, please let me know.


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