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WP Female Singapore 2018/07/02


I’m planning for a big family trip to japan, 12-28Dec. There are 2 elders, 6 adult, 2 kids and 2 infants. May I know where would be suitable for them?

3 days ( Disney and Tokyo)

3 days (Karuizawa)

3 days (suggestion)

2 days (suggestion)

4 days (shiga kogen or hakuba)

1 day Tokyo to fly home

We will be driving out of Tokyo. Any suggestion where would be good?


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/07/02

Hi WP,

Thanks for contacting us about your trip to Nagano. In addition to Karuizawa and Shiga Kogen or Hakuba, I recommend spending a few days in Nagano and Matsumoto cities. There are quite a few things to do around town which should satisfy younger and older travelers alike! Here are some things you can do:

Nagano City area (2 days):

  • Zenkoji Temple
    Visit 1,400-year-old Zenkoji Temple. Enjoy its beautiful architecture, grab some fortunes, and take a walk in its pitch-black corridor (the “kaidan meguri”).
  • Oyaki-making
    Make one of Nagano’s traditional treats at Ogawa-no-Sho near Zenkoji. Fill a piece of flour dough with nozawana greens or red beans and roast it in charchoal.
  • Snow Monkeys
    See the wild Japanese macaques in Yamanouchi’s Jigokudani Valley. During winter, they bathe in the hot waters while snow falls on their heads.
  • Togakushi
    A plateau above Nagano City covered in forests. The walk up to the Okusha Shrine is the most famous part of Togakushi. You can see rows towering, 400-year-old cedar trees and precipitous Mt. Togakushi. If the ground is covered in snow, you can try snowshoeing too!

Matsumoto City (3 days):

  • Matsumoto Castle
    Matsumoto Castle is one of five national treasure castles in Japan. Its black and white exterior contrasts beautifully with the scenery of the Japanese Alps. You can enter the castle for a small fee and take pictures with the lord and lady of the castle.
  • Soba-making lesson at Soba Takagi
    Soba Takagi is a souvenir shop/soba restaurant near Matsumoto Castle. Soba noodles are another traditional Nagano dish, and here you can learn to make them yourself!
  • Azumino Alps Park Illumination (in 5 Great Winter Festivals)
    The Azumino Alps Park has illuminations every year between November and January.
  • Daio Wasabi Farm
    One of Japan’s largest wasabi farms. See how wasabi is made and try a variety of wasabi-inspired treats!
  • Narai post town
    Narai is one of the post towns along the Nakasendo way, a route that was used during the Edo period. Walking through the town will make you go back in time to another era.

I hope that gives you some ideas on what you can do during your stay. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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