Traditional music classes in Nagano prefecture

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Helene Petitjean Female Japan 2016/06/27

Hello! I’d like to know if anyone has information about taking music lessons for traditional japanese instruments like shamisen, koto or taiko (especially taiko actually), more precisely around eastern Nagano area, for adults. Thanks 🙂

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2016/07/05

Hi Helene,

I apologize for responding so late, but I had trouble finding places that suited your interests. Eastern Nagano is a pretty large area, so if you were to give me a city or smaller area I might be able to find something for you. You can send us an email directly at



Guest 2016/07/29

Hi Blair, I’m sorry I didn’t checked this site for a while. I actually live in Komoro and work in Karuizawa, so anywhere around would be great. That’s something I really want to try, so thank you in advance for any info you can provide 🙂

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