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ann Female Australia 2018/04/04

Dear the staff, 

I will travel to Ina-shi City on either 9/4 or 10/4 next week, i am wondering which day is better to come over for cherry blossom? any bus timetable information that i can plan my trip more properly? 

is there any luggage locker in Ina Station that we can storage our small luggages (2 of them)? or any place near the station? 


Thank you!



Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/04/04

Hi Ann,

As of now, we’re expecting Takato Castle Park to reach full bloom by April 12 (according to our 2018 cherry blossoms forecast), but it may come earlier due to the weather. In that case I would recommend visiting on the 10th for better views.

For timetables, we just uploaded ones for buses between Inashi Station, Chino Station, and Takato Castle Park. You can see them here.

Finally, while there aren’t coin lockers in Inashi Station, there will be coin lockers temporarily available at Takato Station, the bus stop near the park.

I hope that helps answer your question.


Guest 2018/04/04

There are two general routes suggested on the website:
1. Shinjuku west exit bus terminal to lida station then scheduled bus to Hirugami hot springs
Same as Hirugami line bus timetable ?? if yes, there are only four times per day. How much does the bus cost? If I arrive after 9:40 am and before 15:40, how can I be the hot spring? Does the hotel can come to pick me up? If taxi is the only choice, how much does it cost??
What do “mae” and “-kyo” mean?

If not, where can we find the scheduled bus timetable??

2. Shinjuku new south exit to Hirugami hot springs bus stop (timetable??) then taxi for 10 mins (how much does it cost for the taxi??)

We are planning to go to takato castle ruins from Hirugami hot springs, any suggestions on the public transportation? And any timetables for bus and/or train?

We are planning to travel back to Shinjuku after the visit of Takato Castle Ruins, is it better to purchase the express bus ticket from Inashi Station to Shinjuku online? How about if we missed the schedule bus? Can we take the next one without purchase a new bus ticket?

Thank you!

Guest 2018/04/05

Hi Blair!

I’ve read that during the peak season the Park is open until 22 because they light up the trees and it’s a beautiful show.

However, I can’t fine the exact dates of this late closure. Also, it seems that the last bus from Takato castle runs very early (before 19), so the question is: how is it possible to come back to Ina from the park? Maybe by bike?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/04/05

Regarding the question about Hirugami Onsen:

1. The bus from Iida Station to Hirugami Onsen uses the timetable listed on our website. I apologize for any confusion about the stop names; the “mae” and “kyo” are part of the original Japanese that were kept in the translation. “Mae” means “in front of,” and “kyo” means “area,” but you can just ignore them. Yes, there are only 4 buses per day on weekdays, and 2 buses per day on weekends. If you arrive between 9:40 and 15:40, you can spend time in Iida City until the next bus, take a taxi or arrange a shuttle with your hotel (check that your hotel offers these services in advance).

The fare for the bus from Iida Station to Hirugami Onsen is 400 yen. For a taxi between Iida Station and Hirugami Onsen, it would cost about 6,400 yen.

2. The JR Chuo Liner’s timetable can be found here. A 10-minute taxi from the Chuodo Hirugami Onsen bus stop (located at the Achi Parking Area of the Chuo Expressway) to Hirugami Onsen would cost about 2,100 yen. Some hotels may also offer shuttle service to/from this bus stop.

To reach Takato Castle Park from Hirugami Onsen, take the Hirugami line busto Iida Station, take the Iida line train to Inashi Station, then take the Takato Castle Park line bus to the park. The trip takes about 160 minutes and costs 1,890 yen. You can use the Hyperdia Website to check train times.

For highway buses, I recommend making reservations in advance whenever possible, but if you miss your bus then you cannot board the next bus with the same ticket since all seats are reserved. They may be able to change your ticket for a small service fee.

I hope that answers your questions.


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/04/05

Regarding Takato Castle Park’s evening light ups:

The light up period lasts as long as the cherry trees are in bloom, beginning at sun down and ending at 22:00. Last entrance to the park is at 21:30.

The best way to return to the park after the last bus is by taxi, which costs about 4,500 to 5,000 yen and takes 30 minutes.


Guest 2018/04/05

Thanks for the reply.

based on the information from takato-inacity website, full bloom declaration came out. How long does this full bloom last for? Still available on 10/4?

if we change the plan to Komoro city Kaikoen, any suggestions on the public transportation from 1) Hirugami Onsen 2) Takato Castle Park??

Thank you!

Thank you!

Guest 2018/04/05


could you please send me the links for the following:

1. express bus from lida to Inashi? (timetable and the purchase website)
2. express bus from Shinjuku bus terminal to komoro station?

Thank you!

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/04/06

Looking at Takato Castle Park’s past bloom dates, petals usually begin to fall around six days after full bloom, so you should still be able to see beautiful blossoms on the 10th. I would not recommend trying to visit Komoro Castle from Hirugami Onsen as its very, very far away by public transportation (about 6 hours by train).

For express buses:

1. There is no bus that lets you get on at Iida and get off at Ina. I could only find buses that pass through on their way to Nagano or Shinjuku.

2. JR Bus Kanto runs a bus between Shinjuku and Komoro. You can see detals (timetable, how to purchase, etc.) here.


Guest 2019/04/14



How easy/difficult is it to get a taxi from Chino Station to Takato Castle? And how much would it cost each way?

Thank you,


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/04/15

Hi Asheena,

Taking a taxi from Chino Station to Takato Castle Park would take about 45 minutes and cost approximately 10,100 yen one-way. We recommend taking the bus from Chino to Takato Station instead. See details on access to Takato during the cherry blossom festival here.

I hope that helps answer your question.

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