Stop at Nanohana Park on May 7 on the way to Kanazawa. Is it too late for flower?

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Albi Female United States 2018/03/19

We will leave Tokyo early morning on May 7 to Kanazawa and just learn that there is Nanohana festival.  We would love to make a stop for few hours for photography opportunity.  is the flower still blooming after the festival? Are flower at both Nanohana Park and Obuse Chikuma river? Is one location better than other? Is there is chance of cherry blossom at castle ruin?

Thank in advance for your reply!

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/03/19

Hi Albi,

The flowers should still be in bloom on May 7th. During your trip, Iiyama will most likely be a better option as the scale of the Nanohana park is quite large. Obuse’s flowers are beautiful as well, especially when paired with its cherry blossoms, but it may be a little late for the cherry blossoms when you arrive.

Iiyama Castle Ruins’ cherry blossoms usually bloom between late April and early May, but the current cherry blossom forecast shows most parts of Nagano blooming 10 days earlier, so it will probably be too late for them on May 7th.

I hope that helps answer your question. You may also want to check Iiyama’s English Tourism Website for more things to see/other activities.


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