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Meili Female Singapore 2017/07/13

 Hi! I plan to go to Sora Terrace from Yudanaka Station on 14 November. Is the ropeway up to Sora Terrace operating in mid November? According to the website, the operating date is until 5 November 2017. Do i need to call Sora Terrace for the free shuttle bus from Yudanaka Station or do i wait at Yudanaka Statioin at the stated bus timing to catch the free shuttle bus? Thanks!   Thanks!

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/07/13

Hi Meili,

As written on the Ryuoo website, the gondola and Sora Terrace will not be operating after November 5th, so it unfortunately won’t be open during your trip.

If you have any other questions about Nagano, please don’t hesitate to ask!


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