Roadtrip from Tokyo to Hakuba and back to Haneda or take a train (Traveling in Dec 2019)?

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Hooi See Female Singapore 2019/07/29


My husband and I and our three children (7, 11 and 14) are planning on going to Hakuba in Dec for 8 nights. The last time we went to Hakuba, we took the 5 hour bus from Tokyo. This time, we are thinking of renting a car and driving from Tokyo to Hakuba, spending two nights along the way before reaching Hakuba.  Would anybody recommend a good route and towns to stop? A friend recommended Hakone but I’m not sure if it’s along the way. 

Or would it be easier to just take the train and not drive? 

Thank you. 


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/08/05

Hi Hooi See,

Thanks for your question about visiting Nagano this winter.

I’m afraid it’s difficult for me to answer such an open-ended question without knowing more about what you’re interested in doing while you’re here, and also because I’m not an expert of sightseeing outside of Nagano. If you could tell me what kind of activities you’d like to do and what kind of sights you’d like to see, I’ll try to find a few towns on the way between Tokyo and Hakuba.

Until then, I’ll tentatively mark this question as solved.


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