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Wong Male Hong Kong 2017/12/15


1. If we want to visit chestnut path, where is the closest free parking lot? What is the telephone no. for GPS input?

2. We are considering to try chestnut food, could you please give some suggestions for not so expensive cafe or restaurant?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/12/15

Hi again,

Because Obuse is quite small and popular, it doesn’t have any completely free parking lots. However, there is one near the chestnut path that is free for two hours if you purchase something from the Obuse Chikufudo Honten store. The parking lot is located directly next to the store in the middle of town, just a few minutes from the chestnut path.

You can use the phone number for Chikufudo to find the parking lot: 026-247-2569.

The Chikufudo store sells chestnut ice cream, chestnut sweets and souvenirs, and also has a dining room upstairs where you can enjoy lunches featuring chestnuts.

Sakurai Kanseido is another popular stop for chestnut lovers (as well as the Kurinoki Terrace run by them). For a casual snack, you can try Cafe Sakura. You can see a few other recommendations in this blog post.

I hope that answers your question!


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