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maggie Female Taiwan 2016/05/21

Hello, I’m visiting Matsumoto in the near future. I plan to take the local train from Nagano to Matsumoto, but I don’t know how and where to make a reservation.(JR east’s website is apparently not the one==) Can you please show me the link to the website? Or do I need to buy the ticket at a JR station beforehand?  Also, I’m struggling about which train to take(from Nagano to Matsumoto). You see,according to schedule provided by HyperDia, I should arrive at Nagano station platform12 at 8:08 via SHINKANSEN HAKUTAKA 551. And then there are two trains available for me, the “8:18 JR Shinonoi Line for KOFU(arriving at platform5)” or the “8:33 KIKYOGAHARA WINERY for SHIOJIRI”. I prefer the 8:18 one, but my concern is that 10 minutes may not be enough for me to change trains. I understand this may be a weird question, but do you think Nagano station’s platform 12 and platform 5 are within a 10-minute-walk? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Lastly, do you know if the “Hokuriku Arch pass” covers the fees from Nagano to Matsumoto? I wanted to ask the JR rail company directly, but their website doesn’t seem to provide such service… I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2016/05/23

Thank you for your question!

Nagano station is not as large as stations in Tokyo and it shouldn’t taken more than 5 minutes to exit the Shinkansen and reach the platform for the Shinonoi line. I recommend buying your ticket in person in Japan at a JR ticket window so you can get a Shinkansen ticket that also covers your fare to Matsumoto. Then you don’t have to worry about buying a new ticket when you arrive in Nagano, and can proceed directly from the Shinkansen to your next train.

*As a note, the Winery line is a special train that was only available over the weekend (May 21st and 22nd), so there won’t be an 8:33 train available when you arrive.

*The Hokuriku Arch pass does not cover any local JR lines in Nagano prefecture.

*Reservations can be made on the JR East website here for select Shinkansen and limited express trains, but the lines between Matsumoto and Nagano that you are interested in are not included. I still recommend buying your ticket in person.

I hope that answers your question. Let me know if there’s anything else.


Guest 2016/10/21

I understand that the Hokuriku Arch pass does not cover any local JR lines in Nagano prefecture.

  1. Does 7-day unlimited JR pass covers any local JR lines in Nagano prefecture?
  2. Does 7-day unlimited JR pass cover a JR train (JR Shinonoi Line  for MATSUMOTO) from Nagano to Matsumoto.?
  3. Doesn Hokuriku Arch pass covers (JR Shinonoi Line  for MATSUMOTO) from Nagano to Matsumoto.?


Guest 2016/11/04


I’m currently in Japan using the JR unlimited pass. It does cover the shinonoi line and I’ve also been able to use it for local jr trains in Hiroshima and Osaka, so I would assume it also covers those in Nagano. For the smaller trains (like Shinonoi) you do not need to reserve in.advance, just show your pass at the station. Have a great trip!

Guest 2017/03/20

I just called \”Information center of JR East\”.

They do not have email Q&A service but only have phone call Q&A service via +81 (50) 2016-1603.

JR East confirms that \”Shinonoi line to Matsumoto\” is not included in Hokuriku Arch pass. So you have to buy tickets from Nagano station to Matsumoto station separately.

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