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Ethan Male Singapore 2017/05/16

I would like to find out where can I buy Nagano Snow Resort Pass or Snow Monkey Pass. I will be going over to Nagano from Hakuba and would like to visit Zenkoji temple and Snow Monkey Park before heading for Kanazawa in the evening. So need to think all the cost including buses from Hakuba to Nagano, Nagano to Snow Monkey Park and go back to Nagano and visit to Zenkoji temple and come back to Nagano station. May I know which pass is best for this plan?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/05/18

Hi Ethan,

The Snow Monkey Pass is a one-day pass for 3,200 Yen that covers travel on the Nagano Dentetsu train and bus lines (but not between the Snow Monkey park and Shigakogen). It can be purchased at ticket windows of the Nagano, Gondo, Suzaka, and Obuse Nagano Dentetsu stations.

The Nagano Snow Resort Pass is available during winter between December and the end of March. Last year it was 5,000 Yen (2,500 Yen for children) for two consecutive days of free travel between Hakuba, Nagano City, the Snow Monkeys and Nozawa Onsen (does not include entrance fees for the park or attractions in Zenkoji). It can be purchased at the Nagano City Tourism Information Center (JR Nagano Station 2nd floor) or the ALPICO Kotsu Nagano Station Information Center. In Hakuba, it can be purchased at the Kita Alps Information Center (Near Hakuba Station), the Happo Information Center (at the Happo Bus Terminal), the Hakuba Goryu Tourist Association (In Kamishiro Station), or the Tourism Commission of Hakuba Village (In Hakuba Village Office). Information for the pass hasn’t been released for the 2017-18 winter season, so please check back in the future for updates.

Based on your schedule, your travel fees would look like this:

1,800 Yen (one-way Hakuba to Nagano by Hakuba line bus)
2,800 Yen (round-trip between Nagano and the Snow Monkey Park by Shigakogen bus)
300 Yen (round-trip between Nagano Station and Zenkoji on the Gururingo bus)
=4,900 Yen

The Nagano Snow Resort Pass is still more 100 Yen more expensive than your total fares.

The Snow Monkey Pass does not cover the Hakuba to Nagano or Nagano Station to Zenkoji portions of your fare, but it covers the round-trip fare between Nagano and the Snow Monkey Park, as well as the entrance fee to the park (2,800 + 800 =3,600 Yen), therefore you’ll still save about 400 Yen by purchasing the pass.

I hope that helps answer your question. Let me know if I can help you with anything else.


Guest 2017/05/18

Dear Blair,


Thank you for your info. In this case I think Snow Monkey pass will be more value for money.

3200 Yen for Snow Monkey Pass + 1800 + 300 for bus from Hakuba to Nagano and bus between Nagano and Zenkoji.

Total is 5300 Yen. So I will get the pass at Nagano station after I arrive to there from Hakuba since it’s not available to purchase in Hakuba.

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/05/18

That sounds good. Enjoy your trip to Nagano!


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