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Anita Female Singapore 2017/12/14

We arrive in Nagano (from Tokyo) by Shinkasen on the 29th Dec at 11:44am.  We have two nights booked at Kokuya Hotel Shibu Onsen Town.  Then we have one night (31st Dec) at Maranouchi Hotel in Matsumoto.  The next day we head to Gukato Villas in Hakuba for 5 nights.

There are trains that can take us to these destinations though there are 10 of us and it will be very expensive.  Do you think it is worthwhile for us to rent a car/bus with a driver to get us to these destinations, do you think it will be faster and cheaper?

Many thanks for your response.



Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/12/14

Hi Anita,

You may want to contact the Chuo Taxi or Alpico Kotsu companies for quotes on a chartered bus for your party. As a reference, here is a breakdown of the train/bus fare between your destinations:

Nagano Station to Yudanaka Station (Shibu Onsen)
Price (one way): 1,160 yen (+100 yen if express train)
Total (x10): 11,600 to 12,600 yen

Yudanaka Station to Matsumoto Station
Price (one way): 2,300 yen (+1,280 if express trains)
Total (x10): 23,000 yen

Matsumoto Station to Hakuba Station
Price (one way): 1,140 yen per person
Total (x10): 11,400 yen

I cannot say for sure whether or not a chartered bus will be cheaper, but I doubt that it will be. Let me know if you have any other questions about Nagano.


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