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Nick Varley Male Mexico 2017/05/22

Now several years after the eruption, is Mt. Ontake open for hiking?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/05/22

Hi Nick,

It is possible to hike Mt. Ontake but it is still on level 2 alert for volcanic activity so an area approximately 1km wide around the summit is closed. Below is a link to a map (Japanese) of Ontake trails including trail closures.

Map of Mt. Ontake Trail Closures (Japanese)


  • The trail from the Tanohara Tourism Center (田の原観光センター) is closed.
  • Trails to the peak are closed from Ishimuro Sanso junction (石室山荘) and Nino-ike junction (二ノ池, see also 二ノ池新館, 二ノ池本館).
  • The trail between Nyonindo (女人堂) and the San’no-ike evacuation shelter (三ノ池避難小屋) is partially closed.

Also see the Japan Meteorological Agency’s Volcanic Warnings page for up-to-date information regarding volcanic activity.

I hope that helps answer your question!


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