Matsumoto to Takayama by Nouhibus

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coco Female Singapore 2018/04/05


Read that the above bus route does not require reservation.

May I know can buy the bus ticket in Tokyo? or can only buy in Matsumoto?

as afraid what if I have make hotel reservation in Takayama but couldn’t get bus ticket in Matsumoto (eg. bus full?)


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/04/05

Hi Coco,

Tickets for the Matsumoto-Takayama line bus can be purchased in the following places: Matsumoto Bus Terminal, Shinshimashima Station, Alps Kaido Hirayu, Takayama Bus Center, and select bus stops in between. It cannot be purchased in Matsumoto.

The bus may become full during long weekends or holidays, so if you are traveling on a weekday you should be fine.


Guest 2018/04/05

Hi Blair

Thanks for your reply!

Ticket can only buy on same day of travel? or can buy in advance?

For round trip ticket, need to specify returning time to Matsumoto at point of purchase? If later need to change return time is it ok? How does it work? 

14 April Sat morning thinking to travel from Nagano to Matsumoto get ticket immediately & hop on bus to Takayama to see the spring festival, stay a nite.

Past experience during this spring festival, what’s the chance of getting bus ticket at Matsumoto station about 1 to 2 hr before travel? 

Thanks hope to hear your reply soon! running out of time…


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/04/06

The Matsumoto-Takayama line bus does not have reserved seating so you cannot purchase your ticket in advance. For roundtrip tickets, you do not need to specify your return time since there are no reserved seats. I would recommend being at the bus terminal at least 30 minutes before your bus departure.

If a bus happens to become full, the Alpico company usually sends a second bus, so you shouldn’t have to worry about not be able to board.

I hope that helps.


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