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Jacqueline Female Singapore 2019/06/03

Hi below are my questions

  1. what is the best way to travel from Narita airport to Matsumoto?  We have 2 big and 1 small luggages.
  2. Is it better to drive or take the public transport in Matsumoto? We plan to go wasabi farm and the snow wall.
  3. how do we go to the Alpine route from Matsumoto ?
  4. Is it better to buy the JR pass?

Thank you.

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/06/03

Hi Jacqueline,

Thanks for your questions. I’ve answered them below.

1. The most convenient option would be Chuo Taxi (~13,200 yen per person), which will pick you up directly from Narita Airport and drop you off at your destination. You can also take an overnight bus directly from Narita to Matsumoto as well (~6,800 yen p.p.). If the bus departure time doesn’t match your schedule, you could also take a bus from Narita to Shinjuku Bus Terminal (3,100 yen p.p.), then switch to a bus bound for Matsumoto from there (3,800 yen p.p.). It is also possible to take the train from Narita to Shinjuku and take the Limited Express Azusa train to Matsumoto, but it may be inconvenient with your amount of luggage.

2. You do not need to drive to visit the Daio Wasabi Farm or Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. You can see more information about access to the Daio Wasabi Farm here.

3. Take the Oito line train from Matsumoto Station to Shinano-Omachi Station, then change to the bus bound for Ogizawa Station. The Alpine Route begins there.

4. I can’t say whether or not you should purchase a JR Pass because I don’t know your overall schedule. If you only plan to visit Matsumoto, the Daio Wasabi Farm, and the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route during your trip, then you probably won’t benefit from one.

I hope that answers your questions.


Guest 2019/06/05

Hi, thanks for the reply.

Actually my schedule is after landing at Narita Airport, I\’ll head to Matsumoto. From there to take the alpine route to see the snow wall. Then from Matsumoto to Kiso valley for day trip. After that I\’ll go Tokyo from Matsumoto, and staying near Ueno. I\’m thinking of taking the train to Narita airport for departure.

Given this schedule, do you think the JR east pass will be better?

And what is the best way to Kiso Valley from Matsumoto?

Guest 2019/06/05

Why is it inconvenient to take the train with our luggages? Is it the space on the train to put the lugagges is limited? If I were to take the train option, I could use the JR east pas right?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/06/10

Hi Jacqueline,

Taking the train involves carrying your luggage around train stations and making numerous changeovers, so some people prefer to take a more direct option between the airport and their destination. Most express trains have some storage space for large pieces of luggage, so that isn’t much of an issue.

If you decide to take the train, then purchasing the JR East Pass would be economical. Based on your schedule, you could use the JR East Pass for your trip from Narita Airport to Tokyo, both trips between Tokyo and Matsumoto, your train trips between Matsumoto and Shinano Omachi (for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route), and between Matsumoto and Hotaka Station (Daio Wasabi Farm). That comes to 17,910 yen that is covered by the JR East Pass, which costs 17,000 yen when purchased overseas.

See the Official JR East Pass Page for more information.

To travel from Matsumoto to Kiso, you would take Chuo Line train towards Nagoya. Because the Chuo Line is run by JR Central, not JR East, your trip to Kiso will not be covered by the JR East Pass. If you want to visit Narai-juku, get off at Narai Station and walk three minutes to the post town. If you want to visit Tsumago-juku, get off at Nagiso Station and take the Magome line bus to the post town. If you want to visit Magome, it is best to get off at Nakatsugawa Station and take the Nakatsugawa-Magome Bus to Magome.

I hope that helps answer your questions!


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