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Bel hapi Female Singapore 2017/06/05

Hi Sir Will be staying at Metropolitan Hotel / near Nagano Stn and would like to transfer my luggage to Toyoko Inn Toyama Ekimae No.1 Hotel. How to arrange?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/06/05

Hi there,

There is a Kuroneko Yamato service counter in the Midori building of Nagano Station next to the Hotel Metropolitan. They can forward your luggage for you to your destination and it should arrive the next day. See here for details (Hands-free service/same-day delivery only available for a limited area within Nagano).

I hope that helps answer your question!


Guest 2017/06/05

Thanks Blair for the great help on the luggage transfer.

How to go to the Tateyama Kurobe Alphine from Nagano?

We have JR pass.

What you recommended?

If by Bus ? which bus to take?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/06/06

The best route to reach the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route from Nagano City is to take the Shinonoi line train to Matsumoto, then transer to the Oito line and get off at Shinano-Omachi (approx. 100 min. if taking limited express trains). From there you take a local bus to Ogizawa Station.

The train lines are covered by the JR pass and one-way bus fare between Shinano-Omachi and Ogizawa is 1,360 yen. Also, you can buy this pass for the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine route which saves about 3,000 yen if you're traveling all the way across (would cover Omachi-Ogizawa bus fare).

I hope that answers your question.


Guest 2017/06/06

Yes, we are travelling from all the way to see the beauty of Tateyama Alphine.

Happen to saw that there is direct Express Bus from Nagano Stn.

Taking Express Bus from Nagano Stn. Will this Alphine (¥9000) this pass  cover the bus fare?


Kurobe Gorge – 17 June – How to travel from Nagano Stn to Kurobe Gorge?

This is also another beauty area


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/06/07

Yes, you can use the Tateyama Kurobe Option Ticket for the express bus.

Regarding Kurobe Gorge, from Nagano Station you would use the Hokuriku Shinkansen and travel to Kurobe-Unazuki Onsen Station, walk to Shin-Kurobe Station and take the Toyama Chiho railway to Unazuki Onsen. See here for reference.


Guest 2017/06/08

Thanks Blair.

It help me to plan my schedule so much.

For Shirawaga-ko under your care? Can ask question?


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/06/09

Shirakawa-go is a part of Gifu Prefecture and I personally haven’t visited it myself, so I can’t help you with that. Please see the Gifu Prefecture tourism website for more information.


Guest 2017/06/14

Morning Blair


Thanks Blair.  Have a nice wonderful day.


Flying to JPN this week

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/06/15

You’re welcome! I hope you enjoy your travels in Japan!


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