Luggage storage at Kamikochi

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Andrew 2016/04/04

Hi, this coming 20th April, we are planning to visit Kamikochi, but we facing a problem for the luggage storage, as we saw that in the Kamikochi official website say that the luggae strorage will operate start from 27th April onward only.On that morning, we will take bus from Hirayu to Kamikochi and after that will travel to Matsumoto.

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2016/04/05

Hi Andrew, Thanks for your question. It’s true that Kamikochi’s facilities won’t be in operation until after the official opening on April 27th. In that case, the best option to move your luggage may be to have your ryokan/hotel ship it to your next ryokan/hotel. Most places should offer such a service, and as long as you cover the shipping they’ll handle the rest. Expect shipping to be around 1000-2000 yen and for it to arrive the next day. I hope that helps answer your question!-Blair

Guest 2016/09/26


Would you advice where is the exact location of below point to store our luggage whiel exploring Kamikochi:



Thank you

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