Luggage issue in Kamikochi / Matsumoto / Hirayu areas

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Tracy Female Hong Kong 2018/05/22

Hi, my friend and I are planning to visit Matsumoto, Kamikochi and Hirayu areas in August, and we have already booked lodging to stay in these areas.  However, I have a question regarding our suitcases.

I notice people are asking about luggage forwarding services, as well as temporary luggage storage service at train stations.  However, I\’m a bit confused.  Are suitcases not allowed on buses/hotels in Kamikochi, and must we use these forwarding or storage services?  Could we simply bring our suitcases with us and travel by buses to our hotels?

Thanks a lot in advance.  This will greatly solve my confusion and figure out our transportation routes/options.


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/05/22

Hi Tracy,

There is no restriction on bringing baggage on buses around Nagano. People ask about such services because they would rather not carry the luggage themselves, especially those who are visiting Kamikochi for the day and are inbetween hotels.

I hope that clarifies things. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Nagano!


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