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Kristin Female United States 2018/11/05

Hi –

I would like to do a one way trip on the Alpine Route in mid November (around the 16th).  I would arrive at Nagano from Tokyo in the morning, and do the Alpine Route from Nagano to Toyama, heading to Kanazawa for the night.  I would love to have my luggage forwarded to Toyama Station from Nagano, but it appears while the Alpine Trail itself is open until the end of November, the luggage forwarding service closes on November 10.  Any tips on what to do with my luggage?  

Appreciate any advice!

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2018/11/05

Hi Kristin,

Your best bet would be to forward your luggage from your hotel in Tokyo or via a courier service to Kanazawa. Most places can do two-day delivery and some can even do same-day delivery. Here you can see a list of places that have JNTO’s “hands-free travel” seal of approval.

I hope that helps answer your question!


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