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Chwan Female Singapore 2017/06/19

I am planning to go to Karuizawa from TYO from 6 to 8 Aug ( 2 nights) as my partner is playing golf on a day there. Any suggestions please as to which other town or places we can visit for another night or 2 from Karuizawa? I have been to Kusatsu Onsen town before and am looking for another place to visit. Thank you

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/06/19

Hi Chwan,

Ueda City and Bessho Onsen are nearby Karuizawa and offer historical sites and hot springs. Ueda Castle and Yanagimachi Street are in Ueda, and many beautiful temples like Kitamuki Kannon and Anrakuji can be found in Bessho. Anrakuji’s eight-sided pagoda is a national treasure. This blog post covers many of these spots so you can get a better idea of them.

Above Ueda is Sugadaira Kogen, a highland area that is perfect to visit in summer. They have golf courses, tennis courts, and hiking trails. It can be reached from Ueda station by local bus.

Ueda can be reached from Karuizawa by Shinkansen in 20 min., or via Shinano railway line in 45 min.

How does that sound? If you’re looking for something else, please let me know.


Guest 2017/06/27

Thanks for the suggestions. Since I plan to spend 2 days in Ueda city and to also visit Unnojuku and Bessho Onsen if possible, may I have your advice as to what’s the best way to do this. Should I stay 2 days in Ueda city and then do a day visit to Unnojuku and Bessho Onsen or its better to skip one? What’s the best form of transport? train, bus or taxi?

Thanks again


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2017/07/04

Trains will be your best bet for traveling to Unno-juku and Bessho Onsen.

For Unno-juku, take the Shinano line from Ueda Station to Tanaka Station (10 min.), and walk 10 min. from there to your destination.

For Bessho Onsen, take the Ueda Dentetsu line from Ueda Station to Bessho Onsen Station (27 min.). The town is a 5-10 min. walk from there.

You should be able to do both places in one day, but I think spending the night at one of Bessho Onsen’s hot spring inns would also be nice. You could stay in Bessho Onsen for both nights while heading out on day trips to explore Ueda, then visit Unno-juku on the third day before continuing your journey. That way you can make the most of Bessho’s relaxing atmosphere and hot springs.

If you haven’t already, see Ueda’s english tourism website for more information on places to visit during your stay!

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