Kamikochi & Shin hotaka ropeway

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Nam Female Thailand 2019/04/08

Hi all!

i would like to travel to kamikochi & shin hotaka ropeway. Firstly, i plan to stay at matsumoto as a based city and going to 2 places from Matsumoto. But after reading, i want to know whether it would be better if i go to Kamikochi then stay somewhere near kamikochi & next day go to ropeway. It would be great if ihave some onsen hotel. Pls help recommend 

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/04/08

Hi Nam,

It is up to you whether you would like to stay in Matsumoto City or an accommodation closer to Kamikochi. If you are interested in hot springs, then you could stay in Shirahone Onsen, Hirayu Onsen, or Shinhotaka Onsen next to the ropeway.

Regarding access, it would be easiest to stay in Shinhotaka or Hirayu Onsens as they are closer to your next destination. Shirahone is a very secluded hot spring area, surrounded by nothing but forests, so it is tranquil and relaxing, but its access is more difficult.

For more information on the Hirayu/Shinhotaka Onsen areas, see this website. For hotels in Shirahone, see here.

I hope that helps answer your question.


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