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Mimi Female Thailand 2019/04/01


I will go to Hirugami onsen. I heard that there is a highway bus from Matsumoto to Komaba and then take taxi.

My question is that how do I call a taxi when I arrive Komaba bus stop because no taxi will be waiting around. And, how much for the fare from Komaba to Hirugami Grand Hotel Tenshin?

Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/04/01

Hi Mimi,

If you are planning to spend the night in Hirugami Onsen, then your accommodation may offer shuttle service to/from Komaba. Otherwise, I recommend calling and reserving a taxi in advance. The local taxi company is called Apple Cab (TEL:0265-28-2800) and you can use the Nagano Multilingual Call Center to be connected to them through an interpreter.

One-way fare will cost approximately 2,000 yen.

I hope that answers your question.


Guest 2019/04/01

Hi Blair,

Thank you very much for your help.

We would like to see peach trees in Hanamomo no Sato. Do you have a timetable for the bus from Hirugami Onsen to Hanamomo no Sato? Where to get on the bus and how to book seats?


Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/04/02

There are two buses per day to the peach blossom area, Tsukigawa Onsen. The first departs at 9:00 and returns at 13:05, and the second departs at 11:00 and returns at 15:05. It costs 1,000 yen roundtrip and can be reserved through your hotel. Ask them to make a reservation for you the day before you plan to use the bus.


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