Hiking Mount Oku-Hotaka In November

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Caitlyn Female Canada 2019/01/23


I’m planning a trip to Nagano in the fall of 2019 and would like to hike Mount Oku-Hotaka in early November. Are the accomodation huts there, and at other hiking destinations in your region, still open in the first two weeks of November?

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Nagano Prefecture Tourism PR character “Arukuma” 2019/01/23

Hi Caitlyn,

There are several lodges around Mt. Oku-Hotaka: Hotaka-dake Sanso, Dakesawa Koya, and Karasawa Hyutte are some of the closest. Hotaka-dake Sanso and Karasawa Hyutte operate until Nov. 4th, and Dakesawa Koya operates until Nov. 3rd.

In October and November, it is likely to snow on the mountains so you’ll need winter climbing gear and experience if you plan to summit the alps then. Also, be aware that some trails around Mt. Oku-Hotaka are especially dangerous, such as the gendarme (called Jandarumu in Japanese) to the WSW of the peak.

Kamikochi itself stays open until November 15th each year.

Let me know if you have any other questions about Nagano!


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